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“Resistance Radio” is where Native voices are offered to the public discourse on Native issues and issues that affect us all. “Resistance Radio” airs live every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST on WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC. “Resistance Radio” is the only Native hosted, live, call-in radio talk show in a major market.

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It was recently said that for the first time in 230 years Congress will have full indigenous representation. No! Not even close. If a Native person is successful at gaining enough white support to get...
September 22, 2022
One of our major tobacco manufacturers settled a fight with NYS by paying $56 million. The State just never stops coming after us!
September 15, 2022
There seems to be a persistent aversion to acknowledging that the centuries of atrocities that Native people have experienced is the result of racism.
September 8, 2022
Dr. Philip Zimbardo joins me for the program to refute those using his name and misrepresenting his work to promote the use of Native mascots and to discuss his years of research, including his famed ...
August 29, 2022
My sister in arms, Donna Fann-Boyle, joins me to update me on her fights from PA and to compare notes.
August 17, 2022
I haven't given a whole show to explaining what the Doctrine of Discovery is in quite a while. So here we go. Feel free to do your own research but allow me to explain how we were and are impacted by ...
August 11, 2022
What a mockery it was to place a headdress on this guy's head. And NO! He didn't apologize for the role of the church or the clergy in the abuse and genocide of Canada's "residential schools."
July 28, 2022
These are not the same and both are largely misunderstood
July 21, 2022
If a morally bankrupt organization like the Washington NFL team can change its race-based name, why can't all these little white towns with their little white schools do the same?
July 14, 2022
Are these acknowledgements done to make white folks feel better? Don't just acknowledge that we once lived in a space; give us some space!
July 7, 2022

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